OODA Loop: How Competitive Organizations Reduce Cycle Time

Introduction: What is the OODA Loop? The OODA Loop, also called the Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action Loop1, is a decision cycle that is used to make decisions in high-pressure situations. It is credited to Air Force Colonel John Boyd who used it to describe a decision making cycle in the context of critical decisions made in combat.2 The OODA Loop consists of four steps: Observation - taking in information about the environment and surroundings. [Read More]

Machine Learning 101

AI & Machine Learning Defined On a basic level, we can distinguish AI and ML as follows: AI is a larger idea that aims to construct intelligent machines (or computer programs) that can mimic human thinking capabilities and behavior without being manually driven or coordinated by humans. Machine learning is a subset of AI that allows machines to learn from data without being explicitly programmed. In machine learning we use data as an input to automatically create computer programs. [Read More]